Monday, August 23, 2010

School running club

I wonder whether others have tried this. My colleague Peter (tax) hatched the idea. Peter is a pretty serious runner, with several well-under-three-hour marathons to his credit. The club is not at all serious. We tend to run a five-mile loop twice per week, holding maybe a 10-minute pace, and drop people near the school as their own level of fitness requires. But I think it's pretty nice. We're an urban commuter school, and students (and faculty) show up when they need to attend (or teach) class and leave when they don't. A club like this brings people together at times they otherwise might have gone their separate ways. But there are challenges. Last year, if Peter or I did not show up for a club run, it would not take place. My own participation is limited by my travel schedule, so I usually make one of the two weekly meetings. Conversation can lag if one is not careful, although there was decided improvement toward the end of last year, when regular attendees got to know each other better. Certainly I believe the educational process, even in professional school, is more involved than discussing the finer points of Article 9 for 1 hour 15' per week. The running club is a nice addition to the school community. We hope that over time it will involve alumni, helping to keep them involved in the school and to develop relationships with the student body.

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