Saturday, February 27, 2016

Marathon Week

Some weeks, you run 26+ miles in a day.  This week it was a major victory to do that over the course of a week.  My hamstring still makes me nervous.  It occasionally reminds me to pay attention to form, but it has not "sproinged" in a month. I managed the Prospect Park loop for the first time in months.  It's nice to be building up some base.  Maybe I'll be able to run the Brooklyn Half after all . . . .

Friday, February 19, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

Still Cold -- More Cross Training

I was going to run outside today.  Really, I was, but our upstairs neighbor's pipes froze, and we had to turn off the water in the building.  This meant I was going to have to shower at the gym one way or the other, so another tri-day, this time spin/run/swim.  I am feeling my base coming back, and am looking forward to warmer weather over the next few days.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's Cold Outside!

This weekend it's too cold for me.  I'm not averse to cold weather running.  In fact, I like it, but I wanted to do some long slow base work, and I just didn't have it in me to handle the single digits.  My hamstring is better (it seems), but my aerobic base has vanished, and in its place I'm still carrying around Christmas dinner (and maybe a bit of Thanksgiving).  So my plan this weekend was to go long in the gym.  The only thing worse than spending two hours out in the single digit cold is spending hours on a treadmill, so yesterday and today I mixed it up with some long slow brics.  Both days, I did 2000 yards in the pool, 45 minutes on the bike, and 30 minutes on the deadmill.  It was still pretty boring (except for the spin class this morning), but I've figured out how to watch Netflix on the bike, so it was bearable.  There's no way to make laps interesting, but boy are the good for you . .   I think next week will be warmer, and I'll be able to get back to the regular routine.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Knock on wood!

I don't want to jinx it, but, while I've been keeping the mileage short and the pace moderate, my hamstring is still behaving.  I've run almost every day this week, and no twinge. Yesterday, M and I went for a 7 mile run outside, and nothing bad happened.  I'm pretty excited to be moving out of the ranks of the injured, and hopefully for a while.  Now, of course, the frustration is fitness lost.  In October I was in sub-4 hour marathon shape.  I ran 20 miles at about an 8:20 pace.  Now, even an 8:30 mile feels ambitious.  I'm wondering what my next goals are.  There's a 4-miler in Prospect Park in two weeks. I'm not sure if that will be a confidence builder or a confidence buster . . . Hmm . . .

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mediate Goals

With Comrades the goal for Spring 2016, I need things to get me there.

Thing 1:  the Seneca Creek Trail 50K.  I'll be running this one with long-time running buddy J__.  J__ coaxed me into my first marathon, my first Ironman, my first 50 miler . . . maybe even my first joint.  It will be nice to be back sharing a starting line with him.

Thing 2:  a marathon.  Any grand ideas for April or May?  I'm tempted by this silliness, with 7000+ feet of elevation gain and billing itself as "America's Toughest Road Marathon."

I like how all the grand ideas of running sub 3 hours are gone and I'm just out looking for adventure.  And I do mean I like it.