Sunday, August 15, 2010

Reading: Young Adult Fiction

I'm with you Spencer on Phillip Pullman (though Emma didn't like it much).  My daughter has been interning for a publishing house this summer, so she appears to have banished the YA genre from her reading list, at least for the moment.  This makes me sad.   I no longer have an excuse to read Meg Cabot books . . .

Right now, though I'm in the middle of a genre straddling historical novel binge.  I started reading Wolf Hall (Hillary Mantel's take on Henry the Eighth through the eyes of his adviser Thomas Cromwell), and then forgot to bring it along on our trip to Canada.  I ended up stealing Emma's copy of the White Queen (Phillipa Gregory's new potboiler about the babes in the tower).  I suspect I may have to take on The Other Boleyn Girl next.  It'll be like Rashomon with Brits.  Gregory is all heaving bosoms and court intrigue.   Mantel (Wolf Hall) is analytic, positing Thomas Cromwell as a legal realist navigating the church/state line.  One story, entirely different perspectives.

The young adult in the family did not have much use for Cromwell and put the book aside after about 50 pages. . .

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