Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Running: August and Global Warming

For the last couple of runs, I've gotten up each morning expecting to find just a touch of pre-Fall chill in the air during the run.  Each time, I've been bitterly disappointed.  Yesterday, for example, it was 73 degrees and humid.  It wasn't unpleasantly hot, but it was a bit stuffy.  As a runner, I live for crisp fall mornings in the mid-50s to mid 60s.  Okay, it's still August, but it has been a long hot summer, and I'm ready for the morning temps to drop into the 60s.

Because I worry about these things, I went to to look at the average figures for the month of August.  the predicted temperatures have been running consistently 3 degrees above average.  This is not earth shaking, but it does confirm my sense that we're overdue.  Hopefully it is not additional evidence that we've broken the planet . . .

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