Sunday, August 22, 2010

Running: Rest Day

Okay, so I'm in the early stages of training for the Philadelphia Marathon (November 21).   Last week I did a short long run (11 miles).  I'm still cross-training pretty heavily.  This is partly out of habit, partly because I like the balanced workouts, and right now, largely because I seem to have some sort of a bruise or inflammation in my right heel/achilles.  It has not stopped me from running, but it hurts a bunch at the beginning, and even more at the end of each run.  I've been nursing it for about a month, and I keep hoping it will get better if I run every other day.   So far it has stayed pretty consistent.

I last ran Thursday.  I swam and spun Friday and Saturday, and had planned to run 13-15 today.  But, it's raining; my running buddies are all out of commission; and I've got a lot of work to do before the beginning of the semester.  So, I've decided that wisdom is the better part of valor and I ought to take a rest day.

I hate rest days . . .

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