Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh, the heat

I'm glad to read (and see -- great pictures) running has been nice in Chicago and Brooklyn! We had 96 degrees in Louisville, and that doesn't capture the heat radiating from the road -- so substantial I couldn't ride long in the so-called aero position (which places the head closer to the ground). I dried up completely, napped for 20 minutes 5 miles before the end of the bike leg of the triathlon and called it a day without running a step. I'm pretty bummed, but at least I'm in good company. Some 30-40% of the professional triathletes in the race failed to finish, many giving up before the end of the bike. On the other hand, thousands of people finished the race, including some who were just finishing the bike and embarking on their marathon 11+ hours after the race start. Now, that's an Ironman.

Trying to resurrect something out of my failure, I wondered if this helps my analysis whether to give mid-term exams, or use some other form of a two-part exam structure. It is heart-breaking to spend months devoted to success at something and have the day just fall apart. I've always rationalized that "that's the way it is in the real world," as if the real world is all preparing for a single court argument or client meeting. But of course that's not so. Nowhere but in endurance racing (which is unique because you can't just get back on the horse the next week) and law school exams are people judged by what they do on one day.

Now, I have to decide whether long-course triathlons are in my future. As I said to somebody before the start, I really do enjoy running 10Ks.

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