Sunday, July 31, 2016

Summer training FINDS.

Salted caramel Gu gels.

Nocciola hammer gels.   

Just saying.  

Also in England I would like some sunshine and a light breeze.   

Daily running streak persists.   Amazing gentle feeling of competence inside instead of borderline or actual injury. 

Small field tester local marathon this Autumn in Abingdon.   

Then the madness of the 100 miler Centurion London to Oxford run next April.   

Simple things.   

Oh and work.  

How's the summer going for you?   And what finds?

(Apologies for post formatting - post created while standing in home made ice bath in back yard).  (Scaring the neighbours).  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Scratch . . .

Well, if I thought the Brooklyn Half was going to be a launch pad into the summer, I was mistaken.  Training wise, things pretty much went sideways from there.  A month of travel (including an epic climb of Mount Fuji) and family matters, led to much eating and very little exercise.  Just as I was getting organized to get serious again, I yanked my achilles, and, well, that's all she wrote.  Yesterday, I formally acknowledged what I had known for a while -- I will not be doing the NYC Tri next weekend.  I have deferred, and will do it next year.  For the last couple of weeks, I have managed to go for a few good bike rides and I've been swimming pretty consistently, but yesterday was the first day in weeks that I have been able to run without pain in my right calf.  So, right now, its treadmill, spin and pool, and not too much of that.

This raises another difficult question.  Is it still realistic to think about the Chicago Marathon?  I have not done a long run in two months.  I have no base, and I'm heavier than I have been in years . . .  I guess it depends on what happens during the next few weeks.  I'll report back . . .