Sunday, August 29, 2010

Running: New Routes on Both Sides of the East River

Okay, so today was a milestone run in lots of ways.  First of all, it was one of those prayed for cool clear fall days.  It is also likely the last one for a bit, as the weather is about to turn hot again.  Second, it was a day where I really had to start ramping up my long runs, or give up on the idea of the Philadelphia Marathon.  My longest run since June has been 11 miles, and I like to do 3-4 20s before my Fall Marathon.  That means I need to run my first 20 in 3 weeks.  Yikes!!  15 today was an absolute necessity.  Mission accomplished.

More important, though, it was a day where a couple of new, and wonderful running routes opened up.  Michael Cahill and I basically ran our usual loop of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges, but as we arrived at the East River, we saw that a new section of waterfront bike path had opened up.
Above is a picture of the path looking back toward the Williamsburg Bridge.  Below is a picture of the path looking North.. 

We couldn't resist adding a couple of miles extra, just to check out the views.  That's Cahill in the red t-shirt, politely waiting for me to finish taking pictures (not!). 

Then once we were back in Brooklyn, I decided to add the necessary miles by running through Cobble Hill, and then down Atlantic Avenue to the new Pier One.  This new part of Brooklyn Bridge Park opened a few months ago, and is quite spectacular. 

Up until now, it hasn't worked as part of a run, because it didn't connect up with anything, but the folks building the Park just opened up a makeshift bike path that connects with the other newly constructed part of the Park at Pier 6. 

I'd have taken a few pictures of Pier 6, but when I got there, I bumped into a friend who was about to get into a kayak to paddle about in the new Kayak cove.  I got distracted.  

Anyway, as I mentioned in an earlier post, New York is slowly but surely beginning to make better use of its waterfront.  Lucky me. 

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