Saturday, August 30, 2014


I've been incommunicado for some time for not very good reason.  Well, one good reason -- little to report.  And Spencer and Ted have been moving so well the reports we are getting are better than my saying "another blah week."

Here's one report:  my second 12-hour bike race for 2014, this one in North Carolina, with a 225-mile finish.  That's good enough for third in the upright division.  I'm on a new race bike that looks fast even if it is hamstrung by having me as the engine.

On the new bike at the Mid-Atlantic 12-24 last weekend.

Marathon minus 6 weeks checklist

1) Buy actual shoes for the race    Check

2) Start to break in shoes for race Check

3) Buy extra gels for race day       Check

4) Check if own both hot and        Check
     cool weather gear for race day

5) Check that spouse is free race
    day to drive you to start             Check (close call, leaving for airport shortly after race ends)

6) Buy extra leukotape                   Check

7) Do 16 mile run per schedule       Tomorrow

8) Decide if fundraising                    Next week

9) Body glide or nip guard               TBD

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Some musical memories while running

Guardians of the Galaxy is a profoundly stupid movie with a great sound track.  The sound track also plays a crucial role in the so to speak "plot" since the hero is given a cassette tape from his dying mother in 1988 titled "Awesome Mix Tape Vol. 1" just before being whisked away from earth by a band of interstellar thieves.  So for the rest of the movie the hero who now calls himself "Starlord" (but no one else does) listens to some awesome 70s and 80s oldies on a Sony walkman.

On my longer runs I intersperse various podcasts and play lists including now Awesome Mix Tape Vol 1.

But numerous other songs trigger the most random memories.  At one point Chicago's "Make Me Smile" popped up on a shuffle.  Back in the 1970s, an instrumental section of the extended version of the song was used in the intro of Monday Night Football as a battered and snow covered Alex Karas limped off the field.
The Isley Brothers "Hope You Feel Better Love" and the Stablizers "One Simple Thing" conjured up images of actual and hoped for girlfriends in college.  Springsteen, Green Day, and Santana brought back some great concert memories. 

So now I am planning my own awesome playlists and mix tapes for the big run in October mixing classics and trash from the past and present.  I also really like the fund raising tactic that Matt S. used last year where for a $10 or greater contribution to his chosen charity Matt would add a song of the donor's choice to his playlist for the race.  I couldn't help it, I selected "The Night Chicago Died" by Paper Lace.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol.1

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Logged a 15+ miler from Berkeley over the first half of the Oakland Bay Bridge, almost to Yerba Buena Island.  You can't get to the island because the pedestrian path ends, suspended in mid air, about 10 yards from landfall -- a very odd choice.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Building Up

So last week I ran 34 miles, 14, 5, and a 15 miler.  This is a somewhat artificially high because I did the 14 miler on a Tuesday instead of the prior weekend.  But the good news is that I am building the mileage and should be able to do the usual 20 miler 3 weeks before the Chicago marathon which is October.  But if the weather or training doesn't cooperate my insurance is an entry for the Naperville (western suburbs) marathon one month later. 

The bad news is that my mileage has been fluctuating wildly with a couple weeks under ten a(weather or an injury) and a couple weeks in the 30s and I am only occasionally running the usual T-W-TH and Sunday pattern.

Good news, no kidney stones and not getting as dehydrated as usual from the long runs (the two are somewhat linked).  Bad news I am carrying at least 5 pounds more than I usually do at this point in the training cycle.

Even better news is I only have do 12 miles this weekend and expect to clock in with high 20s for the week.  So am getting there but somewhat erratically.

On a related note, I am posting most of my running photos and route maps on Instagram.  If you are into that sort of thing, follow me @sweberwaller.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Plyometrics and Citystreets

My forward trend continues (lots of knocking on wood).  After the plyo workout on Friday, Saturday was the last day of Citystreets.  On Saturday morning they've been closing a route from the Brooklyn Bridge, up Centre Street to Lafayette, to Fourth Avenue to Park Avenue South, onto the Park Avenue Overpass, around Grand Central Station, and then up Park Avenue to 72nd St. My legs were pretty sore, so I figured I'd go as far as I could, and then turn back.  Once I got going, my legs felt good, and I managed to log the full route -- another 15 mile long run.  Hooray!!  The pace was pretty good too -- faster than I've been going in months.  That was aided by the periodic waits for cross-town traffic, but don't tell anybody.  I'm glad I got the run out of the way, because yesterday the DOMS from Friday's plyo ate my quads.    No injury, but I was not happy going down stairs.  Today is much better, and tomorrow I'll be ready of another run.

Friday, August 15, 2014


A few weeks ago, my friends at SBRC sent around an email to see if there was any interest in a once a week core and plyometrics class in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  A few years ago I made a twice a week core class part of my routine and it made a huge difference in my mechanics.  I stopped when tri training substituted swimming for situps.   Mostly that's been a good thing, but I have been wondering if some of my recent issues could be remedied with core work.  So, I expressed interest.  I did this without doing any research into the meaning of the other word in the class title -- "plyometrics."  It sounded like pliable, so I assumed it meant stretching.  Stretching is good too. Oops! I was wrong.   Plyometrics is another word for  "jump training."  It involves jumping onto things, jumping off of things, jumping up and down, sprinting, skipping, running with high knees, doing grapevine steps, lunging, and jumping some more.  OOOOPPPPPPHHHH!!  It was a beautiful morning, and I didn't get hurt, so we'll see over the next few days whether this is a good addition to the workout.  I did a few miles afterwards, and it seemed to to have smoothed out my form a bit.  I think it is good for opening up the hips and getting the glutes to fire.  I certainly looked silly enough doing it.  :-)  Do any of you have experience with this?? did it help?