Monday, August 23, 2010

Reading: Open Books

There is a fabulous organization called Open Books which is headquartered in my wife's office building. Open Books promotes literacy throughout the Chicago area and runs a large airy and well laid out used book store as one of its funding sources. This past weekend Open Books ran its annual clearance sale with a special Friday sneak preview for teachers and members. Law profs qualified although we probably weren't what they had in mind.

I opted for filling a tote bag or $25 and left happy with new used additions for my book shelf at the office of Edward Chamberlin's Theory of Monopolistic Competition, Adam Smith's Wealth of Nation and several standard references and histories about the New Deal. For the home shelf, a hard cover edition of Proust to replace my fraying paperbacks, a French grammar book, a couple Neal Stepehensen sci fi books, and assorted books I thought Laura and Jordan would like. It was an hour that reminded me why e-book readers aren't going to take over in my house any time soon.

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