Sunday, August 15, 2010

Running: Out by the Lake

Went for a 6 miler this morning with a neighbor who is an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune. In less than an hour, we passed a driving range, two boat harbors, a bird sanctuary, tennis courts, a totem pole, softball fields, the play-by-play booth for a world class regatta match race, a nine hole golf course, various fisherman, a prairie nature preserve, and a beach. This is a world class place to run.

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  1. Cahill and I did our classic 11 mile loop of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg Bridges. It's a gritty urban run, past BAM, Atlantic Yards (future home of the Nets), along the Marathon route through Fort Greene and into Chassidic Williamsburg along Bedford Avenue, over the Bridge, through the Lower East Side, then along the East River to South Street and home. . . There are prettier runs, but it's a loop we've been doing for over a decade . . .