Monday, August 23, 2010

School Running Club (Brooklyn)

Hi Max!! Welcome to the Blog. 

I have periodically thought about starting a student running club, but never pursued it.  I frequently run with colleagues, and usually very early in the morning (6ish).  Our training schedule and student sleep schedules just don't mesh, so that has been the end of it.   I will admit, I've also had some reluctance, even though it would be fun, for several reasons.  The principle one is that it appears to create a form of access that is possibly gendered and certainly unavailable to many students.  The second one is a fear of looking foolish: (1) because I am slow; and (2) because I look rather ridiculous in running shorts (just ask Spencer).   The third is that I have a big mouth, and it becomes bigger when I run (just ask Spencer).  

The one time I have run with students is during the annual Race Judicata.  This is a race organized by our Student Bar Association in honor of a former colleague.  I run it whenever I can, and also offer to pay an extra dollar to the charity for each student who beats me. That always turns out to be a great day.  So, maybe I should just get over my reluctance . . .

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  1. Many thanks, Ted, for the invitation and the word of welcome.

    The gender concern doesn't seem to have been real for us. Other concerns about disparate speeds among participants, etc., are real (though I'd be amazed if students showing up for a club run are running faster than you). A big mouth would be a boon, because the point is to keep conversation going (or so I believe).

    Like any new endeavor, I think if a club attains a critical mass and brand image, the other things will take care of themselves. With 10 attendees, you can split into three groups (walkers, joggers and runners) and even form clicks (the talkers and the panters?). But with two professors and three students on a given run, it can get a little awkward. Max