Monday, June 10, 2013

Third runningprofs run in 9 days

Of all the great things blogging about running should be credited with, keeping alive the interest in getting together and actually running must be top of the list.  Under that analysis, the last several days may be one of the best stretches in the blog's existence.  Ted and Spencer ran together in Boston on May 31.  Max and Spencer ran in DC on June 7.  And on June 8, Ted, I, friend-of-the-blog (and perhaps future contributor?) Becky, and Becky's regular running partner met in Bethesda Maryland for a great run on the soft dirt of the Georgetown Branch Trail heading east across the top of the District.

Ted says in the comments that we slowed down for him, but there was more than one stretch when Ted was the one needing to be slowed down.  Fun for all, I think, and just enough work to let me go nuts at brunch later that morning.

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