Thursday, June 6, 2013


So, after running with Spencer last week, I limped around for a few days, and despaired.  Monday and Tuesday, I cycled.  Both days, I tried a new therapy suggested by a therapist -- a contrast bath.  The concept is 1 minute in an ice bath, followed by one minute in warm water.  It is torture!!  It also seemed to work, knocking down the obvious inflammation, and eliminating pain, except when I really worked at it.  So I ran again today.  This time with C.  I took it easy, with a very slow run across the Brooklyn Bridge.  The day was glorious.  The running was, labored.   Because I was going so slowly, there was time to take pictures.  These came out pretty well.

The heel is sore again, but no worse than after the run with Spencer.  Hopefully ice therapy, etc., will keep it on the mend. 

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