Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wendy Davis's Running Shoes

When a pair of running shoes, becomes a national political symbol, it is incumbent on this blog to do a little bit of digging.  As we learned from Paul Ryan and Paula Broadwell, one can learn a lot about a person's veracity when they make falsifiable claims about running prowess.

So, what can we learn from Wendy Davis's running shoes?

First, what kind of shoes are they, and what does that tell us?  According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, they are Mizuno Wave Rider 16s.  I give Davis points for this choice.  I ran in the Wave Rider through the first Bush 43 administration.  They are a neutral cushioned shoe.  I liked them a lot, in that they provided a slightly firmer heel platform than most neutral shoes, and they were lighter, because of the air gaps in the heel cushioning.  This would be a good choice for standing, as well as running.  When I ran in them, they were the top of the line in that category.  I switched when Mizuno added the slightly plusher, more expensive, Wave Creation to the line.  Unlike me, Wendy seems to have stayed with the lighter, cheaper model.  Good optics.

Second, is she a runner?  Unlike Ryan and Broadwell, Davis has been described as an "avid" runner, but has not to my knowledge made any claims about prowess.  So, does she race? If she does, how fast is she?  I looked on Athlinks, and there appears to be a Wendy Davis from Texas, of the right age, who runs 5Ks with some regularity in the right parts of Texas.  Wendy Davis is not a particularly unusual name, so it could be someone else entirely, but that Wendy Davis clocks in quite consistently with more than respectable 5K times of 27 minutes, give or take a bit (8:35-8:40 minutes per mile pace).  If that's the right person, that certainly justifies the adjective "avid."

So, after this slightly embarrassing bit of cybersleuthing, I'm happy to stand with Wendy, and I may have to go out and buy a new pair of Wave Riders.

UPDATE:  Amazon commenters have distinct opinions on the Wave Rider 16.
LATER UPDATE:  Vicki's filibuster footwear has arrived.


  1. Great sleuthing! I actually have my first pair of Mizunos ever in my rotation (Evo Cursoris or something, can't seem to post links here). Something always hurts when I run--to be the subject of my planned inaugural post, stay tuned--but I like them.

  2. The Evo Cursoris looks like a great shoe. I'm interested in trying a zero offset shoe, but am going to wait until my heel issues resolve. :-)

  3. Smart. My knees tend to feel a little better in more minimalist shoes, but apparently not my feet. Sigh.

    1. .....and I knew that if I wrote that about my knees I'd have a bad-knee run today. Just like clockwork!

    2. Man, I hate it when that happens!!

  4. Vicki just ordered a pair online . . .