Sunday, June 16, 2013

National 24-hour

Last weekend was the second of three big biking events for 2013 and my first attempt at a 24-hour race of any sort.  S__ flew out to crew and I started with 310 of my closest friends from a junior high school parking lot in Middleville Michigan (halfway between Lansing and Grand Rapids).  I had a goal of 400 miles, the 24-hour-race analog to a three-hour marathon.  Like my attempts at a 3-hour marathon, I came up well short, spooling off 309.9 miles before the clock expired.  Something to come back for, I suppose, although I do hope that unlike the marathon it won't require 18+ tries to meet the goal!


  1. How was the course compared to Saratoga?

    1. Too many vectors of comparison to answer that directly. I think harder, but that's subjective and I'm tired. Fuller response forthcoming.