Friday, June 7, 2013

Run with Spencer

This time I made it to the right place at the right time and Spencer and I braved the threatened rain to head out for an afternoon run in DC.  We left the north exit to the DuPont metro at 3 pm sharp, rolling west to join Massachusetts Avenue and then passing embassies, think-tanks, places of worship, and ultimately Joe Biden's house before turning right at 36th Street by the Greek Orthodox temple.  I had forgotten just how much of a hill that stretch of Massachusetts is; I'll take the risk speaking for both of us in saying "ohmygoodness."

We headed back east on Garfield, tracing the route of Spencer's run from a few weeks back, past rows of what I believe are the most beautiful "normal" homes in DC, and joined Connecticut Avenue right near the Marriott of AALS recruiting conference fame.  (Insert involuntary shudder here.)

Just down the street we dropped into Rock Creek Park to join one of my top 5 favorite public resources in DC -- the Rock Creek Parkway bike trail -- and headed back uptown for a short while through the zoo and back, nearly reaching the Porter Street exit from Rock Creek.  Then it was gradual downhill along the bike trail to exit at P Street and to head back east into DuPont Circle.  Spencer graciously sprung for a post-run soda.

Seven miles and just over an hour of great running and conversation.  And the rain held off for us!


  1. That hill is underrated and nasty.

  2. Great run!! Know that hill! Love the run through the zoo to P.

  3. Thanks Max. Great run , great company. Max left out that it was his second of the day and my first. Plus he was rocking his Boston Big Sur challenge tee shirt!