Monday, June 10, 2013


The last few weeks have been tough for me. My heel has been healing slowly, and my running has been severely limited.  That has made the two runs with Runningprofs extra special.  In Boston, the run with Spencer along the Charles was great fun, except for the running part, which hurt.  Yesterday's run with Max and Becky was a huge confidence builder.  It was the first run at my usual training pace in over a month.  I certainly noticed a decline in conditioning, and my left heel is still not 100%, but Max, Becky and her friend C__, were patient with me, and the longer we ran, the better I felt.  The weather was perfect, the surface forgiving, and the conversation excellent!  I always love runs where the conversations rotate from person to person as you go.  Anyway, no post would be complete without a picture, so here's Max, at the end, in front of the hotel.  Becky and C___ peeled off before I could get my phone out.


  1. I like how you out Camille's name on second mention. :)

  2. Fixed. :-) (except for the comment).