Monday, May 20, 2013

Ten Reasons Why Running is Better than Triathlon

10.  It's uncomplicated.  Shoes, shorts, iPod if you want it.  Just go run.
9.  Triathlon includes running.  So it's running plus other stuff.  The only "other stuff" I like with my runs is beer.
8.  One word:  spandex.
7.  Not so long ago we had a post here at runningprofs about race entry fees.  New York had gone over the top with well over $200 to run the marathon.  Have you seen Ironman prices?
6.  You can run on the beach.  You even should run on the beach.  You can't really triathlon on the beach.
5.  Marathons are the last bastion of great arena rock.  Before the start in California last month I actually  heard Def Leppard.  At the start-line festival yesterday I was subjected to "get your heart racing in my skin tight jeans/be your teenage dream tonight."  I do not get pumped up for a race wondering why our society has not progressed beyond Lolita.
4.  5 races within 25 miles.  Any given weekend day.  That's a market lacking allocation problems.
3.  When I'm being really profligate I spend $112 on a new pair of Newtons.  I spent that much on the pedals on my stupid bicycle.
2.  How many great running songs do you know?  How many great triathlon songs?
1.  Phidippides didn't swim, bike, then run his way to Athens.


  1. -- There's actually only one iconic cycling song and it's a bit silly . . .
    -- Please could we have more unenforceable rules for the bike section (no drafting, no overtaking stay to the right, 15 seconds to pass, 2.5 bike lengths between (argh!!!))?
    -- It's hard to talk and swim at the same time . . .

  2. Plus for marathons, the only transitions are the lines for bagels and waters after the finish line.