Saturday, May 11, 2013

Double Scratch

Okay, now I've reached full post Rome Marathon collapse.  I've been flirting with injury since late March, when my Achilles started acting up.  Last week my right calf tweaked.  I've laid off since last Thursday, sticking to the pool, the bike and rest.  I was scheduled to do a Run/Bike duo tomorrow, so I thought I'd take a short run with B__ to test the apparatus.  Bad news, while the achilles was okay, so long as I kept the cadence up and the stride short, the calf cramped badly after just two miles.  Luckily, I was just running by my house, so I dropped out of the group, grabbed my goggles and went to the pool.  This is a bummer I don't think it's wise for me to run a 10k (as part of the duo) tomorrow, so I think I'm a scratch.  I also think I'm going to have to skip the Brooklyn Half.  This is a major bummer, as the race is shaping up to be a major scene.  Everybody I know is doing it, and it's probably the last time it will be run without a lottery . . .  Oh well, time to get serious about healing. . .


  1. Yes, heal, heal! And, I'm very sorry to hear this.

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  3. Dr Phil says what about treating yourself to 2-3 x a week deep tissue massage in the calves especially for about 2-3 weeks? Might be mmm mmm good and might help?