Tuesday, May 7, 2013

On the road again

Now that I am finally stretching out the runs a bit, I am getting back to the north and south ends of the lake front path.  The next step is to return to my summer time norm of running into the burbs and taking the commuter train back or having Laura drive me various places and then run home.

But for the moment, it is great to get back to the more scenic and less crowded parts of the Lincoln Park and beyond.  Here are a few of the sights along the way from recent runs all 7 miles or more.  You are looking at the Ohio street beach facing north (Northwestern law is the black building on the left side).  The top two are from my long run a week ago.  Next is Oak Street facing south toward East Lake Shore Drive, the swankiest block of real estate in the city for many reasons including the unobstructed views).  Finally, there is yesterday's run back from the car repair place showing the Hollywood Avenue beach at the very north end of the park facing south with downtown in the far distance.  Hoping to go even longer tomorrow before coming into the office for an antitrust review session.  If I go about ten (or cheat and run from the health club), I will send some shots of Humboldt Park where my dad grew up.

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  1. Fab that you are back at this distance and in time for the good weather!!