Monday, May 13, 2013


Perspective makes all the difference.   How can one have a great time, running one's slowest 10k time?    This weekend, I rowed all of Saturday away in an Eights regatta in hailstorms, then got up early Sun for a quick outing in our Four, then we all trundled direct to the Oxford Town and Gown first in several years, and on no training to speak of.    To make myself run at a challenging but dealable pace, I shed the Garmin.   The Town and Gown is such a great race, as all the streets are closed to traffic and Oxford gets even more medieval seeming and quiet.    I usually have done this course in 42 or so, but this year had my best experience but slowest time...I came in at 46.54 but the perspective was all about being so happy to be running again, and of course being faster than Rome, without injury.   My son also ran his first 10k, and that counts as a PB for him then!    My rowing crew and son are below (and yes some of us are clearly madder than others!)

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