Wednesday, May 29, 2013

So Quiet

Not like us to let several days go by without a peep.  Is it

1.  grading?
2.  running doldrums (heat is coming and fall races are far away)?
3.  edits?
4.  other?

For me, 1 and 2.  Had some nice runs last week but it's getting unpleasant here and I'm depressed in anticipation.  And if I don't get these essays turned around this week . . .


  1. For me it's sketchy Internet access. I am just finishing a 2 day conference in Cuarnavaca Mexiico and returning home. The last two days have been all comparative law and my talk on class actions.

    This morning was a 45 minute run with both hills and altitude. It's just more than one mile above sea level. Then visited the shrine of the virgin of Guadaloupe in Mexico City which I have pretty much ruled out for future marathon purposes.

    Now headed home to get clean clothes and head out to Law and Society. Anyone of our band around for a Friday afternoon run in Boston?

  2. First things first, Spencer I am making my Boston plans right now. I have a panel that ends at 4:15, and a dinner that starts at 6:30ish on Friday. Does that leave enough time? When are you arriving/leaving?

    That might be a little bit tight, and I'm haven't tested the heel yet, but let's talk. In the alternative, we could drink beer.

  3. I am in Ethiopia and will update and send a running pic or two when back down near sea level...well done Spencer for running in Mex in Addis at 2000m up I just cannot get going!

  4. I'm busy readying 30 hours' worth of beer, popcorn, and sleep that I intend to consume this weekend while thinking of Max pedaling away across 375 miles of MD, PA, and WV countryside.