Thursday, May 16, 2013

Interesting Choice

The Boston Athletic Association today announced a general invitation to all non-finishers from this year's marathon to return in 2014.

I don't think I would have chosen that approach; to my lights, anyone deterred from finishing due to the bombs had as real a marathon experience as those who did cross the line.  (Note, perhaps irrelevantly, that the original Boston Marathon route was 25 miles.
zope_homepage/sports/marathon_archive/history/1897.shtml.  I do not believe anybody was pulled from the course before making it that far.)

This will have a substantial impact on the registration process next year, too.  Either charity slots will not be available or the qualifier slots will be dramatically reduced.  Because I doubt many who are offered the chance to run next year will say no.  If the marathon in Boston was not iconic before, it surely is now.


  1. It may create a queuing problem too. Since qualifying times from this coming Fall will be good for 2014 or 2015.

  2. I think they said only 5k people or so would be affected. It wouldn't surprise me if they have a one-year increase in the field size of that amount. It's hard to see a huge downside to that.

    In any case, what with your being in the 40+ range from here forward, you ought to be able to register without a problem for as long as you want.

  3. I had 3/4-way decided I was done for a while. But next year will be one to see, I would guess. P__ may have something to say about it, but I'm tempted to go back.