Friday, May 31, 2013

Addis is altitude without attitude

What a week in Ethiopia.   I was there for OFT in a DFID funded programme to support their nascent competition and consumer authority.   What a place, 3 millions souls in Addis, 80 million country wide, a benevolent gentle demeanor, no fundamental public awareness of consumer rights let alone the luxury of competition law but the authority is strongly supported politically and getting started.   Needless to say I tried the odd jog (at 2000ms above sea level I could not run).   Many runners meet at Meskel Square at 545 am.

There they do laps of these levels, some at 10k pace, others at 5k.    Look at this beautiful form, which I could not emulate!!

(The chap on the right is about to stop and turn or he would be leaning forward all the time.)

I also went up to Entoto, far up the mountain above Addis, and did not even try to plod...walking upstairs to the palace there was workout enough!

What a place to train though, up out of the dust and smog of the city.

Just don't try this heartbreaking cross-training...

And in all when you can.


  1. Beautiful and inspiring!!

  2. Indeed. I read somewhere that Addis Abeba is a marvelous city to visit, apart even from the running mystique. True?

  3. Wow. Best travel post. A top contender of a 2013 bloggie.