Saturday, November 24, 2012


I just thought I'd take a moment to note, as November draws to a close, that the blog is coming to the end of its most successful month ever, with nearly 900 page views late in the month (at least if I'm reading the data right).  It has been a tumultuous month for running, with Paul Ryan, Paula Broadwell and Hurricane Sandy.  Also, we've been doing lots of racing.  Whatever it is, here's to a happy Thanksgiving!

Graph of Blogger page views


  1. You've got me intrigued as to what we were saying in April 2012 and July 2012 that was half as interesting as what we said this month! July was Tour de France plus Olympics preview. April 2010 is gone from our archive on the right, so it's anybody's guess.

    It is interesting that we have been blogging on four cylinders for the entire fall. Perhaps our supply is creating its own demand.

  2. I did a few things to drive traffic. I linked to a couple of the posts from my facebook page. Your Broadwell post got an influential retweet, and that explains a lot of it, as best I can tell.