Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Musical Delight

I have been diligently listening to all my music on my Ipod both while trying to make my endless deadlines and while working out at the gym until healed enough to resume running.  I am pretty close to having listened to every track at least once.  Apart from further proof of how OCD and running go hand in hand, I have both weeded out lots of loser tracks I have no interest and rediscovered music I had no idea I even owned. 

A rediscovered favorite is The Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin (and redone by Trent Renzor for the soundtrack of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).  This is berserker rock at its finest.

The other more newly discovered treasure is the version of the Ramone's song She Talks to Rainbows covered by Ronnie Spector.  This is on her 1999 EP produced by Joey Ramone.  Her beautiful, but worn, voice and accent are just perfect for this punk ballad (no other way to describe it).  Check it out!She Talks to Rainbows

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