Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bethesda Turkey Chase

I first ran this in 2000 and set my 10K PR, which may still stand or may not (my memory is spotty and the times from that year are not online). I ran it again the next year, or maybe the year after. Finally made it back this year -- 10+ years later -- for the Bethesda Turkey Chase with P__.

P__ finished her first 10K at a very respectable pace! Faster, at least, than most of her workouts have been, despite this being a hilly course. I think she's happy, if that is represented by lying on the couch and groaning. (That's always my own response to a hard run, so I think I understand.)

My own goal was to run 1 mile at marathon pace, 1 mile at 1/2 marathon pace, and repeat three times. The last 0.2 would be open. I was that annoying guy slowing down and then passing people and then slowing down again. Something went wrong -- I didn't have a watch on, and when I finally saw the finish line clock I realized that I was overheating by about 20" per mile average, relative to goal. Ended up right at -- I would guess right over -- 40:00.

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  1. 6:27 miles?? Geez, I ran a 6:30 mile once . . . Amazing!!