Friday, October 31, 2014

Good luck, Ted!

I came across this awesome sign and thought it was appropriate for the blog :) Have a great run on Sunday, Ted! The hay is in the barn...


  1. Thanks Becky!! I question the sign's empirical claim, but that is a comment on me and not the government. Thanks for reminding me about the hay!! I remember that you used that metaphor to reassure me before the 2007 NYC marathon when I hurt myself in the taper on Monday, and did not run again until race day. You were right then, and I have repeated it numerous times this week, to a bunch of first time nervous taperers. They never believe me, but it's true.

  2. It's definitely a timeless piece of advice.

    Looks like I'll be in Brooklyn this Sunday and running early. Slow and short. You should still be on your break but let me know if you're interested! (We need to be in Paramus for an unveiling at 11am.)