Sunday, October 5, 2014

M Minus 7

Finished last run of any substance this morning with a leisurely eight on a beautiful crisp sunny fall day.  Now obsessing about the weather one week hence which is showing 50s (good) and rain (bad).  Next up get some of those disposable $2 cotton gloves in case the day is colder than forecast.  Then finish the short last week taper runs taking care of my dodgy left knee. 

Then the festival of commerce that is packet pick up and expo.  The trick with McCormick Place is coming in from the west so you don't end up walking an extra mile and a half (I've measured it off).  This year I'm going shopping!  If anyone wants anything, place your order now.

Still planning out my route of where my friends and family will be along the course, probably have to write the stops on my arm.  Then figuring out with Max where we will be running together and where I go into my deep dark place to finish the course while on fumes.  Last is laying out my stuff for race day and packing the bag of stuff and spare everything for L to hand me at mile 8.5 by our apartment,

For 1,095 days I have said "Not today".  One week from now, I will say "Today, I run a marathon."


  1. Spencer, enjoy yourself!! I remember the Hamptons Marathon 1095 days ago like it was yesterday.

  2. Sorry I won't be able to make it to Chicago next weekend. I have to help little brother move baby stuff. I'll be thinking of you as I run my last 20 before NYC. And Max, take good care of Spencer!!