Sunday, October 26, 2014

Who knew that was a thing?

I had worked out my strategy for taper weekend. I was going to run 5-7 with the SBRC folks on Saturday, and then 5-8 on Sunday, then shut it down.  I went to the 7 am meetup, only to find out there was a plan -- take the subway up to the east side, and then run the last ten miles of the marathon course.   That was more than I'd planned, but what a great idea.  We took the subway up, and then walked to 59th and first at the base of the 59th street bridge.  Suddenly there were running clubs all over the place gathering and setting out.  The Prospect Park Track Club, my former club (though I never really did anything with them) even had support stations.  Who knew?? I've been running the NYC Marathon for 16 years on and off and had never heard of this taper tradition.  What a great idea!  I have never been a great finisher in NYC.  First avenue is a false flat that goes gently uphill.  Then two bridges into and out of the Bronx, finally a long gentle uphill mile on 5th Avenue before you enter Central Park.  Short version, miles 19-23 are pretty miserable.   This year I've taken a different approach to the back half of the course.  Two of my 20s included my nemesis, the 59th Street Bridge, and then, the last ten with fresh legs.  It turned out to be a really great confidence builder.  We kept a nice pace (faster than my planned pace by about 20 seconds/mile).  The weather was perfect.  It was fun -- the sort of run that reminds you why we do this.   Now I'm shutting it down.  Today, an easy swim and a spin class.


  1. The only thing I really remember about NYCM is First Avenue. Not fondly, by the way.

    Yesterday I found myself in Georgetown following the completion of MCM. I should have been inspired, but all I could think about was that it had been 13 years since I had run that race and I probably never will again. Sad face.

  2. ;-( I am not prepared to accept your retirement,. At some point, and who knows when, the comeback will happen!!