Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fun to be there

I've gotten it all wrong for most of my running life.  I avoid races I'm not running because, well, I'm not running.  Today was Spencer's day, and I am sure we will hear the great news, but I wanted to give a shout about how fun it is to see 45000 people just out being healthy and feeling good about themselves on a fantastic day in a beautiful city.

Spencer cruised by looking strong at mile 6.5 and we caught him again at mile 8.5.  Per plan I jumped in with him there and we cruised together for the next 16.5 miles, when, at mile 25, Spencer put in the earphones, cranked on Jethro Tull, looked north up Michigan Avenue, and got 'er done.

Mile 6.5.
We capped it off with seafood just down the street from Spencer's, continuing a tradition Spencer and Ted started in Montauk in 2011.  So all told I had a tremendous 24 hours hosted by Spencer and L__, capped by a magnificent tour of Chicago, and Spencer had -- well, that is his story to tell.

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  1. Hooray for the support team!! Some of my favorite runs have been in support of Spencer!!