Saturday, November 1, 2014

Not all good news

Racing against Ted tomorrow will be the ageless Meb and astounding Kara as well as the favorites, Geoffrey Mutai and Buzunesh Deba of Ethiopia.  Deba is a perennial second-place finisher with a sub-2:20 PB. 

Not entered is the greatest women's marathoner currently at her racing peak, the Carfrae to Radcliffe's Newby-Fraser -- though Kenya's Rita Jeptoo was slated to make an appearance to receive a cool half-mil. for her top performance in the "marathon majors."  That is on hold, and if the tests are accurate, the analogy will be Armstrong to Radcliffe's Eddie Merckx.  It turns out this year's Boston and Chicago champion, with a sub-2:19 PB course record in Boston, has a recent positive drug test which her agent appears to acknowledge as accurate (backup tests not necessary; "This is true.").