Saturday, October 11, 2014

Goodwill and Reminiscing

On my way out the door to Chicago to visit with Spencer and, hopefully, to provide some moral support for a few or 15.7 miles of the Chicago Marathon course.  I spent the morning finally moving out the door years worth of clothes for Goodwill.  I do not kid when I report 8 blazers, 1 suit, 27 shirts, 15 pants, and other sundries took their final trip in my car.  Something about a bad internet shopping habit, a few too many Jos. A Bank "buy three get 17 free" sales, and an atypical and every changing body shape put me in this pickle.

While checking the pockets for $100 bills (none, I am sorry to report), I found the following gems:
  1. An agenda for Friday, 3/11 -- of what year, I have no idea -- that included "class prep," "Liu letter," "swim," "run," "class," "Utah car rental," "Utah hotel," and "R__ & A__ paper."  Glad to report that of those I covered class prep, class, the swim, the letter, and the paper.  Has me wondering what fun I was planning in Utah!
  2. Business cards from a big DC firm that was my counterpart in my last episode of law practice, together with an executive from a company for which my firm was conducting an internal investigation.
  3. An agenda from a campus visit from a state school in the southeast where I gave a job talk before landing in my current position.
I also gave away 5 pairs of running shoes with plenty of life in them for casual use but little for running use.  They included the black-and-orange Asics Hyperspeeds that carried me for 26.2 miles in the Marine Corps Marathon (2011, 3:03:46) and Big Sur Marathon (2012, 3:20:change).  I have yet to find a pair of shoes that I love as much as I did those.

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