Saturday, March 22, 2014

Four out door runs

The past two weeks I have run outdoors more than the entire rest of the winter.  Hungary featured an 8 miler to/from and around Margarita Island and a 5.5 miler along a different stretch of the Danube and up a 200 meter vertical hill with some cool stuff and even better views at the top.  Once back home did two 6's in different directions along the lakefront.

Looking forward to running in DC at the ABA spring meeting of the Antitrust Section but bummed it won't be with Max as in past years.

Next race the 8K Shamrock Shuffle with my daughter next weekend.  Then maybe a half marathon first weekend in April.

Also registered for the Chicago Marathon lottery.  New format this year so get your lottery ap in. They will notify in mid-April and then you have 5 days to finalize and pay so no downside.  A costless option as Janger observed the other day.

Heal fast Max!

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