Sunday, March 9, 2014

A good day for the law and running

Spring break began on Friday, daylight savings began his morning, tonight I leave for a weke of teaching, lecturing and running in Budapest.  Teaching at the Catholic University there.  Lecturing at he Hungarian Competition Authority. And running on Marguerita Island in the middle of the Danube.  Its about a 5K loop which combined with getting there and back should be a nice run.  Weather expected to be high 30s to mid-50s.  Warmed up with a 5 miler outdoors today.  Tell you more when I get back.


  1. Running and goulash. What's not to love? Looking forward to the pictures.

  2. Today's run to top of Citadel on Gellert Hill then to Castle Hill with great views. Hills very confusing to Chicago runners. Take lots of time and effort to go up and down 200 meter climb.