Monday, March 17, 2014

Cold, Short, Nice!!

Okay, yesterday I did a mini-bric, spin class followed by a gentle mile on the treadmill.  Orthotics seem to be helping a lot. They don't fit in my bike shoes, but my form on the bike felt better anyway.  The run part felt fine.  Today, I braved the elements, for another short run around Brooklyn Bridge Park.  It was cold, and slow, but it felt like a normal early March run. The issue is my conditioning not the heel. Hooray!! sort of . . .


  1. Take it slow. Orthotics and taping have gotten me through all my recent long runs and races.

  2. Ran again today, nice and slow. Questions about taping. How long do you leave the tape on? How do you avoid shredding the bottom of your feet? Are you using leukotape (non-elastic) or kinesiotape (stretchy).