Saturday, March 15, 2014

First Run With Orthotics

In DC yesterday for the American College of Bankruptcy annual meeting, got to stay at one of my favorite cute little hotels near Dupont Circle and managed to squeeze in a quick run on the Mall.  This was my first run with my new orthotics, and it was a bit of an experiment. If I'd been home and smart, I'd have gone for a nice slow 3 miler in Brooklyn Bridge Park.  But, instead, I did my usual 4.5 mile  wander from Dupont Circle/Farragut North toward the White House, then to the Washington Monument, around the Lincoln Memorial and back.  

I have no base, so that was depressing.  The orthotics felt weird, but the extra support was very nice.  I found myself able to run in ways that I haven't in months.  Running on the Mall is never solitary.  There are always other runners, and I always get a bit competitive.  Running along the path next to the reflecting pool (under construction), I dropped my pace into the 8-8:30 range for the first time in months.  This probably wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done, and my lack of conditioning was painfully evident, but it still felt good.  I was able to open up my stride without feeling heel pain.  Hooray.

Today, the heel is pulling a bit, and a bit the worse for wear, so I'm taking the day off. The orthotics add significant weight to my shoes, but they seem to take pressure off the heel tendons, so that's a good trade.  I developed hot spots on my toes where the orthotics end, but nothing too serious.   Fingers crossed . . .


  1. Fingers crossed, indeed. You sure had a great day for a run!

  2. Awesome! What hotel? Let me know next time you are in town!

  3. Awesome! What hotel? Let me know next time you are in town!

  4. Tabard Inn. Back for longer stays May 19ish and June 7-10.