Friday, July 12, 2013

The Whole Midfoot Striking Thing

I've had foot problems off and on for months now (years, if you count a bout of plantar fasciitis). Things seemed to improve after physical therapy and some intense work on my tight calf, but after admittedly slacking off on the foam rolling, I'm having pain again. I've changed orthotics recently, but they are custom orthotics so they shouldn't be too different. I've also been experimenting with shoes a bit as alluded to in a comment on one of Ted's posts. I liked the first iteration of the Brooks Pure Project line but the 2.0 version just wasn't comfortable from the moment I put it on. Thus, I've been alternating between an older Kinvara and the Evo Cursoris. Could it be an issue that the Brooks Pure Connect is a "transitional" minimalist shoe and the Cursoris is a zero-drop shoe? I've done the majority of my longer runs in the Evos. This situation is also complicated by the (gross) fact that I end up sliding around in my sweaty shoes and socks on any humid run longer than 50 minutes.

Should I just forget the minimalist idea and go back to more shoe? 

In any case, the top of my foot is very sore and I am trying to keep myself off of Google. Thoughts from the more technically-oriented of you?


  1. Philip is the expert on PF. Top of the foot is usually from tight shoe laces. Sometimes it helps to skip eyelets on the laces to avoid pressure wherever it hurts.

  2. Ever tried elastic lock-laces? I'm sold on mine (and always regret my runs in normal laces).

  3. About to install bungie laces on my Brooks Pureflows for tomorrow's tri!