Sunday, July 14, 2013

First run in the Noosa Lights

I got these new shoes a couple of months ago, not wanting to miss any offering from Asics that weighs 8 ounces or less.  That despite their being the ugliest single shoe I've seen off of a Vegas stage.

With the Brooks T7 on their last foam I pulled these out of the box.  They came with elastic lock laces, which I like.  They looked no better on my feet than they did in the box (or in this photo).

The first few miles were blah.  The shoes did what they were supposed to -- my feet didn't actually hit the ground! -- but not much else.  I was surprised to find that Asics, which makes two of my all time favorite shoes (the Hyper Speed and the DS Race), could provide such a flat offering.  On the other hand, I just today finished my taxes and we suffered today under 90+ degrees and soupy air, so I was sort of blah myself.

The run picked up a few miles in.  By the time I hit the shade on the Capital Crescent trail heading south from Bethesda I felt downright sprightly.  Maybe I didn't love the shoes, but they weren't interfering.

Just shy of 9 miles at a good casual long run pace.  I'll take it.  And I'll keep these shoes in the rotation.

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  1. Mizuno elixir 8 have a similarly classy color design. Has the entire industry lost its mind? Don't mind neon at all, just object to random and super bright color combos.