Wednesday, July 3, 2013


My s-i-l A__ shared with me this story about a number of high performance endurance athletes' shift to the "paleo diet," which emphasizes higher-than-normal amounts of fat and protein and lower-than-normal amounts of carbohydrates.  The general idea seems to be to train your body to run on fat (for stamina) and to consume protein to maintain muscular strength (for explosive power).  I'm tempted to say "ugh, another fad" -- but (a) it makes so much sense, (b) Dave Zabriskie,Tim Olson, and Simon Whitfield make pretty good spokesmen, and (c) let's get real -- high carbs was a fad once, too.  Part of my interest is in the line about putting off the effects of aging -- I noticed my first gray hairs just the other week.  One more thing:  if I read this to mean that I can carry beef jerky instead of gel packs when running, I'm sold regardless of performance benefits!

Anyway, I've ordered the book.  One more volume for my shelf of partly read "improve your athletic performance" how-tos.

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