Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Best summer movie

Summer movies are supposed to be mindless fun.  Little wonder that exceedingly turgid big budget fare like RIPD, Pacific Rim, the Lone Ranger, the unwatchable Man of Steel, and numerous others this year have been humongous flops.  The answer to your summer viewing blahs is:


The Syfy channel produced the best way to waste two hours this summer for the "budget" of maybe one CGI sequence in the Hollywood flops.  A giant tornado over the Pacific sucks up thousands of sharks and then heads for downtown LA and Hollywood.  People scream, sharks bite their heads off, old people quiver in terror, and some people who are somehow related to each other fight back.  Climactic scene (spoiler alert) appears below the photo.

Dude who used to be on Beverly Hills 90210 jumps head first into a flying shark with a chain saw and cuts his way out and rescues his son's girlfriend who was inside the shark!  Words simply fail to describe how awesome this was.  Needless to say a sequel is already in the works.

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