Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I love "train less" advice

A new missive from uber-Coach Greg McMillan saying what we all know.  The hardest thing for me to swallow when I started working with a coach (in 2009) was that even though I could run three or four miles at [X] pace, I really should be running those miles at more like [X+20"].  The difference is not manifested in one workout.  The difference is manifested in 6 workouts, when I've done the prescribed track workout weekly for an entire training cycle and am feeling healthy, rested, and fast.

I say I swallowed that advice.  In truth, I've gotten it right a few times and not other times. I'm in a bad cycle with cramming in workouts and working very hard one day only to take the next day off because I'm too beat, so the Greg McMillan e-mail reminder came along at about the right time.  Hopefully in time to arrest this slide and get several good weeks in before the Ironman taper begins in mid-September.


  1. Train less?? What's the fun in that??

  2. I didn't say _run_ less! I said do less of the unpleasant stuff!

    Patting myself on the back: today at the track I felt able to do more, but I didn't. Nice when laziness masquerades as maturity.