Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I did not follow this guy's career . . .

but I just came across this paean to Mark Covert on Slowtwitch today.  You think Cal Ripken or Pete Rose were bad?  You a Morten Anderson afficionado?  Or maybe even Stefaan Engels?

Slowtwitch reports that Mark Covert has run daily from 1968 until approximately one week ago.  His average daily mileage in that 45-year period?  9.  A good hard workout for me represents this guy's norm for a longer period than I've been alive.

I can only think of one reaction.


  1. Note that he apparently ran through a broken foot and knee surgery.

    I decided not to ride my bike last week because I'd forgotten to bring my jersey, so would have had to make do wearing a cotton t-shirt. Don't I feel inadequate now...

  2. Surely this qualifies as a psychological condition.