Saturday, December 22, 2012

Two near-term blog symposia

It's the end of 2012 and we are still alive. I propose two quick-and-easy blog symposia. Spencer may be too deep in beef and Malbec, but maybe some of our 2 or 3 (are there that many?) occasional readers/commenters will contribute:

1. What went right last year? Can everybody list three things? Five?

2. What's on tap for next year? "A" goals, so to speak. Big race? Big presentation? Tenure vote(!)?

Anybody volunteer to go first?


  1. what went right: got running again slowly; published a coupla chapters. coupla articles, and coupla reports; hang glided in Rio during ICN conference; rowed HARD all year; did tons of stuff with my kids, including coasteering (am hooked) and ballooning

    next year: get marathoning again; build a platform to get back sub3.30; coupla articles etc...row HARDER; see my Antitrust Marathoners - it has been too long!

  2. What went right? It's been a good year in that department:

    1) 1/2 marathon PR
    2) Marathon PR
    3) Shaved time off my Olympic Tri time
    4) Rode my first and second club centuries (Who doesn't like exercise and pie?)
    5) Had an excellent fall semester visit
    6) Brooklyn Law School hired an awesome new Dean
    7) Spent a lot of time being proud of my daughter the college kid

    Next year:

    1) Have a productive and enjoyable sabbatical -- finish current articles in progress, and jump start the next phase of my international bankruptcy project.
    2) Maintain and improve on my marathon form, maybe get under 3:40 in Rome.
    3) Improve my swimming form
    4) get a tri-bike
    5) Improve my time in the NYC Tri.
    6) Develop a signature cocktail (research phase).

  3. Ted and Philip seem to have cornered the market on extraordinary accomplishments and even better goals. Gotta admire the guy who is teaching at Yale while knocking out PRs while half-way to a three-digit age (or is that sentiment agist?). And kudos to getting back into running form while competing in rowing, which I maintain is bar none the hardest workout available in the western world. (I will take an ironman over a full pressure 2K any day of the week. Truly.)

    On my end: a disappointing year _result-wise_, which I think may set up a great 2013. So my best accomplishment? I now believe that I can't go 100% for 12 months and running, riding, or swimming _easy_ is as important as turning your legs to jelly. (OK, I am pretty excited about a good marathon in Sacramento!) Had a few professional accomplishments: (1) I chaired the committee that facilitated a treasured colleague's winning a prestigious University-wide service award and another treasured colleague's being nominated for Distinguished Professor rank, and (2) two papers on behavioral exploitation antitrust are coming out with the 2012 date (one co-written with Daniel Heidtke of the Loyola-Chicago Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies).

    In 2013, I'd like to see if my new-found wisdom permits me to (1) accomplish the important goals and (2) not set the goals that will get in the way of (1). The important races are a marathon in Boston (April), a bike race in Michigan (June), and a triathlon in California (September). I need to get my two drafts finished, commented-on, and submitted. And I need to survive the October tenure vote!

    At the end I'll celebrate with Ted's cocktail. Looking forward to the recipe.