Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Books for Christmas

Here's the list (not all were gifts from somebody else!):

R. Jay Magill Jr., Sincerity. Quoting from the jacket: "What do John Calvin, Sarah Palin, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Bon Iver have in common? A preoccupation with sincerity. [This is a] beguiling tale of sincerity's theological past, its current emotional resonance, and the deep impact it has had on the Western soul." Looks quite promising.

Dave Barter, Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder. A collection of stories, essays, ride reports, what-have-you, about 10 years of amateur riding.

Tyler Hamilton & Daniel Coyle, The Secret Race: about doping in the TDF.

Andrew Ritchie, Major Taylor: biographical look at one of the early world-renowned bike racers, an African-American from Indianapolis named Marshall Taylor who dominated race circuits at the turn of the prior century.

William Bloch, The Unimaginable Mathematics of Borges' Library of Babel: an apparently (per the reviews) quite readable discussion of the real mathematical intrigue in this Borges short story.

Borges: Selected Non-Fictions. Not sure how much of these I've read, but the price was right.

Borges, Hurly Trans.: The Book of Sand and Shakespeare's Memory. Anybody know anything about these?

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  1. Just got back from Buenos Aires so Borges is on my mind. Let me know what you recommend. While I was there I read the lighter fare of

    Michael Levy Kosher Chinese (memoir of years in Peace Corps in rural China by St Ann teacher in Brooklyn whom Ted probably knows)

    Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers

    Paul Auster, Man in the Dark