Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I dream of blogging

Yes, I actually did. Specifically, the dream was of a 24-hour relay around a high-school track that I ran with my brother S__. In the dream I was thinking how I would describe the event in a runningprofs post.

Having awoken, I'm now interested in putting on such an event. Maybe it sounds deadly boring, but you could throw a huge party in the infield, bring on sequential musical acts, each team could have its tent/pavilion at a certain spot around the perimeter, and you could contribute all proceeds to a worthy charity. If you allowed large enough teams, participants could even spend a normal day before showing up for their shift in the evening. Dean Karnazes would certainly show up to speak. This would be much easier to organize, and to participate in, than a RAGNAR event.

Further thought: this could be like a dance-off. Maybe somebody will donate a cool car, and the longest time continuously running wins the car.


  1. I'm in! 1 lap for you, 1 lap for me. 2 laps for you, 1 lap for me. 3 laps for you, 1 lap for me. I can do that all day.

  2. Sam has the right idea. Speaking of Ragnars, I've been intrigued by this race (, Any interest in fielding a Runningprofs and friends team??

  3. I am interested. I could also roust a friend or two to join. On the team bus I will be presenting a draft of something or another.

  4. I have some interested friends here in NYC. I think they might volunteer to run the leg during which you will be presenting. :-)