Monday, December 17, 2012

60 Days Later

Things are gradually calming down but running is not yet possible.  Physical therapy has the best toys.  My place has the powerplate show below.  I highly recommend it except when you come up from the squat and your head and jaw begin to vibrate uncomfortably.  Otherwise, lots of squats, lunges, single leg stability stuff, and those annoying crab walk with elastic bands.  The results are less pain (particularly when using foam roller) and increased strength, stability and range of motion.  I can even "run" across a street when the light changes without hobbling or screaming.  Still not there yet for real running which is insanely frustrating (especially given mild dry late fall).  Just glad I didn't do anything structural.  Followup visit to sports medicine guy this afternoon.  Unfortunately,I suspect I will just getting back on the road at the height of winter horribleness without a lot of time to gear up for Rome. 


In the meantime, I have been biking to elliptical in a 2:1 ratio plus occasional pool work and core.  Or as the Zen Master would ask: "Can one train for a marathon without running?"


  1. Yeah. No more PT. Doc wants me to do lots of power walking on treadmill on steep incline. He thinks I will be running by the New Year. He also thinks its more a bone contusion (mild stress fracture) than the plica thing he originally thought. Last precaution is an X-ray just to make sure no bone chips floating around in there.

  2. I think and hope that all this is just amazing cross training and that you will HEAL and come back stronger and more determined than ever. You have the mental discipline to finish the Rome marathon. You will have the general fitness to do so, maybe at a pace slower than you would like, but still finish and finish well. The issue for me would be pain that is not run-throughable. If that is continuing then you of course risk uber injury and not finishing. That is where I would draw the line if I were you, ie by end Jan, you are running easy and slow with no pain of that sort and so you press on and run the beast. If the pain is there though then you lace up and start the beast but pull out for a gelato when you've had enough for the day, and then live to run another day.