Saturday, December 15, 2012

South Brooklyn Runners

I'm still recovering from the Brooklyn Marathon so I haven't been running much.  In early October I turned my ankle a bit, but continued running.  After the last race, my calf tightened, my Achilles tendon got angry, and the ankle generally stiffened up.  I decided to rest it, and pretty much limited my running to the mile too and from the gym, where I swam and biked.

Last week I started up again, with a short run on Sunday, and three miles on the treadmill on Wednesday.  Friday, none of my usual buddies were available, so I decided to go to the South Brooklyn Runners meetup.  One of my pace buddies in the Marathon had said it was a good group, and I figured there'd be at lest one person who was about my speed.  It was great fun.  The pace was just right, around 9 minute miles.  We ran down to Brooklyn Bridge Park to see the newly opened Pier 5.  This is a huge addition to the park -- two new astro turf soccer fields with a view:

This will add tremendously to how the Park is used.  There aren't too many places to throw a frisbee or kick a ball around in our part of Brooklyn.  I assume that it will be used a lot for league play, but early n the morning and at odd times, I suspect it will provide some much needed open space.

Anyway, the run was fun.  So was the company.  As I train for Rome, I will run with these guys more often.  They do hill repeats and speed work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I can never force myself to do that on my own.  Look out Rome!!!

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