Friday, June 27, 2014

Rethinking Track Workouts

Went to the 6:45 running group meetup this morning for the first time in ages.  Only one taker, speedy G__ who was headed to the track.  I agreed to run him to Red Hook, with a plan to continue my slow run from there.  Got to the track, and thought, well, what the heck, why not run one 440??  Instead of my usual approach to 4x440 -- run like a madman and suffer at the end -- an approach that usually produces 90 second or slightly faster laps, and the desire to throw up.  I decided to do what everyone always says you're supposed to do -- run at your aspirational 5K pace.  That produces a 105 second lap (7 minute pace).  That was hard, but not uncomfortable.  I did 3.  Felt like I could have done more, resumed my slow run home along he waterfront, and called it a day.  This was another good workout on the crawl back to running health. Knock on wood . . . Tomorrow is another bike day, and then with any luck a long run!!

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